Before You Buy: Abec Wheels Spoke Thickness

Before You Buy: Abec Wheels Spoke Thickness

Before You Buy: Abec Wheels Spoke Thickness

When building your board compatibility is crucial. Everything needs to fit together to ensure the entire board works as a whole. Matching your Battery, Motor, and ESC is what most people spend their time on. But something a simple as the thickness of the core or spokes of Abec style wheels is super important, but most people don't think twice about it when purchasing wheels. There are 2 different thicknesses of spokes. The “thick” version and the “thin” version. Here is an example of what I am talking about:

Abec Wheels Spoke Thickness

The photos show the subtle differences in size. But why is this important? It’s important because this simple decision, when purchasing wheels, will save you a lot of headache. 

Many of our customers really enjoy using our Simple Pulley System because of how easy and quick it is to install. But the wheel pulley only works for the Thin spokes. It won’t fit on the thicker ones. The thinner spokes allows for the wheels pulley to slide right on with ease. 

If you already have the thicker spoked wheels or are even using the MBS All Terrain Wheels you aren’t screwed. You can do a couple of things:
Shave down the spoke inserts of the simple wheel pulley 
Use the Complete Pulley System and use the bolt system instead (recommended)

Abec Wheels Spoke Thickness

It’s really not a huge deal but it will save you some headache during the build process. When looking for wheels just keep and eye on the product images and compare them to the photo above. 

You’ll have enough to worry about during the build process, don’t let a simple pulley system get in your way.

Keep in mind that if you purchase your wheels on Amazon, listings often change between the Thinner spokes and the thicker spokes. So a link I may send you too may change by the time you click it. Just compare the current product photos with the diagram above. Make sure you get the right size.  

Products Mentioned In This Post:

Simple Pulley System

Easiest Pulley Installation available. Simply slide the wheel pulley straight into any Abec style wheel. Easy, Durable, Cost Effective.

Complete Pulley System

Made from high quality aluminum parts, our most durable and compatible pulley system we have to offer. 

MBS All Terrain Wheels

100mm All Terrain Wheels. Very popular with off roading boards. Makes for a very fast and versatile build. 

83mm Abec Style Wheels

By far the most popular wheels and most compatible wheels for electric skateboard builds. 

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