BUILD - Boosted Board Mini

BUILD - Boosted Board Mini


Boosted Board Mini Build Tutorial

Anyone who has done any research into electric skateboards has most likely stumbled upon the brand Boosted Boards. They are the industry leading brand with exceptional quality and design. As a fan of electric skateboards in general, I can really appreciate a well designed board when I see one. As a little ode to their brand and what they have accomplished I decided to build a boosted board mini inspired build. Obviously these techniques can be applied to basically any design but if you are a DIYer and love the look of Boosted then this tutorial is for you.  

If you've read some of my other posts, then you are probably aware of my feelings toward buying readily available electric skateboards. (Click here to read my thoughts on purchasing an electric skateboard) Which is why I opted to make this build instead of buying the real thing. While this build does come close to the price tag of the Boosted Board Mini, in the end, our build will out spec the real thing with a faster top speed and longer range. 

If you are a visual learner like me then the video below will help a lot. Why read a lengthy tutorial when you can watch each step instead. I have included additional information below to help you on your build process.  

What Do I Need? 

Picking parts can be a nerve racking process, We'll make it easy for you. Here is a list of all of the parts needed for this build.

Dual Belt Motor Drive Kit

You'll see this build is a bit simpler than some others. Thanks to this Dual Belt Motor Kit you won't have to deal with motor mounts and pulleys. Typically for a dual motor set up you'd have to buy:
- (2) Motors
- (2) Motor Mounts
- (2) Pulley Systems
- Set of Trucks
- Set of Wheels
- Bearings

In this case everything you need comes in the kit preassembled which significantly reduces the time it takes to assemble a board. 

Dual Belt ESC

You'll need an ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) to control how much power is going from your battery to your motors. This is one is perfect for this build because it can handle 2 motors at one time. Many times you would have to purchase 2 ESCs and link them together. It also comes with a remote so you'll save some money on that.

This specific ESC has a couple of awesome features: 
- Auto On/Off Feature
- 4 Riding modes
- Comes with power switch
- Remote included

10s3p Battery

With out power you aren't going to get too far with out pushing. The battery is arguably the most important part to any electric skateboard build. In this build we are using the 10s3p battery pack because of it's convenient size, extended range, and more than adequate power to handle 2 motors. 

A few awesome features of the 10s3p battery:
- Built-in BMS for care-free charging
- Flat style battery pack for slim board designs
- Plug and Play set up 

10s3p Battery and ESC Enclosure

You have a battery and ESC but now you need to house all of your components in some kind of case or enclosure. That's where this part comes in. This enclosure makes for a great looking build with it's very sleek design. Just because most DIY builds have bulky enclosures doesn't mean yours has to too. There is just enough room for a 10s3p battery and a Dual Belt ESC. 

General Skate Supplies

Other than the typic electric skateboard parts you will still need the traditional skate parts. You can pick and choose which sizes/colors you want but these are the parts we used. 

1/4" Riser Pads

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1.25" Hardware

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Black Grip Tape

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Orangatang Wheels

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The Final Product

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