BUILD - Electric Penny Board

BUILD - Electric Penny Board


Penny Board Build

Most electric skateboards are rather large. Most longer than 36 inches. But what about people who want a quality electric skateboard at the size of a penny board? Unfortunately there aren't too many main stream options. No worries though, building an electric penny board is super easy. If you are a beginner this build is a really good one to start with. Everything is extremely plug and play. 

Lucky for you I have made an entire video about how I managed to do it so you don't have to read a lengthy article. I've linked the video below :)  

What Do I Need? 

Choosing the parts is the hardest part of this build. Once you have the parts it requires minimal effort. 

Dual 70mm Hub Motor Kit

You'll see this build is a bit simpler than some others. Thanks to this Dual Hub Motor Kit you won't have to deal with motor mounts and pulleys. Typically for a dual motor set up you'd have to buy:
- (2) Motors
- (2) Motor Mounts
- (2) Pulley Systems
- Set of Trucks
- Set of Wheels
- Bearings

In this case everything you need comes in the kit preassembled which significantly reduces the time it takes to assemble a board. 

Dual Hub ESC

You'll need an ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) to control how much power is going from your battery to your motors. This is one is perfect for this build because it can handle 2 motors at one time. Many times you would have to purchase 2 ESCs and link them together. It also comes with a remote so you'll save some money on that.

This specific ESC has a couple of awesome features: 
- Auto On/Off Feature
- 4 Riding modes
- Comes with power switch
- Remote included

10s2p Battery

A battery is an absolute essential part on every electric skateboard build. We chose this one because of the adequate power to run 2 smaller hub motors, and the speed we will be able to get up to with a 10 cell battery.  

A few awesome features of the 10s2p battery:
- Built-in BMS for care-free charging
- Compact size for small wheel base decks
- Plug and Play set up 

The Enclosure

In this build I ended up making my own. I find the best enclosure to use for builds like these is simple containers with snap-on locking lids. That way you can easily take the enclosure on and off incase you need to work on the electronics inside. With a coat of paint even a simple container can look pretty cool. So just find any container that will fit on your deck, screw it in place, and you are good to go. (And it's free so bonus) 

General Skate Supplies

Other than the typic electric skateboard parts you will still need the traditional skate parts. You can pick and choose which sizes/colors you want but these are the parts we used. 

1/4" Riser Pads

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1.25" Hardware

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Black Grip Tape

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The Final Product

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