DIY Electric Skateboard Lighting

DIY Electric Skateboard Lighting

Electric Skateboard Lighting

Lighting can be a very crucial part of any electric skateboard build. For many of us, night time rides are an essential part of our commute. Being able to see where you are going, and more importantly, being seen by other vehicles is absolutely necessary to ride safely.

In the video below I test out a couple different lighting products. Some for looks and some for functionality and safety.  

The Products I Tested:

Shred Lights

The shred lights were my favorite for sure. But the price point is something worth considering. My philosophy is buy it nice or buy it twice. Spend a little extra the first time and save some money in the long run. 

The brackets that these come with are pretty genius. The lights are able to pop on and off super easily. So if you need to charge them or don't want them on you can simply take them off. You'l see how that works in the video.  

Comet Lights

These lights were much cheaper than the Shred Lights and a little more versatile with their multicolor changing LEDs and universal mount. You could take these off of your board and put them on your bike no problem. 

The lower price does come with some cons though. They definitely weren't as bright as the Shred Lights but still a great value. 

Board Blazers

These don't really make it any easier to see while riding but it does add some stylistic under glow to any board. If you are looking to get some kind of lighting for your board these might be a good option. 

Cheap. Easy to Install.  

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