How to Pair Remote to ESC

How to Pair Remote to ESC

How to Pair Remote to ESC

So you just got your new ESC or maybe you upgraded your controller... Either way, you'll need  to pair your remote to your ESC. In many cases your remote will come Pre-Paired, but just in case this is some good info to have.

While some remotes like the Remote Nano pairs automatically, others need to be put into a pairing mode. If you have a VESC this isn't the tutorial for you. This applies to the Plug and Play Single Belt/Hub and Dual Belt/Hub ESCs.  

This tutorial applies to the V5, V6, and V7 remotes. An example of each are shown below. Most of you will have the V6 at this point.  

The tutorial is basically the same for all of the different types of remotes with slight differences.

Here are the steps to begin the pairing process:
Step 1:
Be sure to fully charge both your board and your remote.
Step 2: Turn on Your Board while keeping the remote off.
Step 3: Press and hold the power button of the ESC until the blue light begins to flash.  

Step 4: Locate the small hidden button on the back of the remote.
(If you have the V7 there is a small button near the area your pinky rests while using the remote)
It may look like a screw hole at first but you'll notice that it is smaller than the other holes.  

Step 5: With a mechanical pencil, pin, or paper clip press the hidden button once. You will see the Remote begin to light up and search for a near by ESC. Let the remote do it's thing, it may take a second. While waiting, gently press on the accelerator and see if your motors start to spin. 

You're all Set! Your controller should have paired to your ESC. Have fun riding :) 

WAIT - My Motors still aren't turning....

If you are still having problems check the following list for potential issues:
- Be certain your remote is fully charged - even if your remote appears to turn on it may not have enough juice to finish pairing
- Make sure your board is fully charged. At a certain point, the ESC cuts power to the motors to protect the battery from over discharging. If your battery is dead, you may be paired but your motors still won't turn. This is a feature, not a bug. 
- Be sure you are using the proper battery for the ESC you are using. Many people attempt using a 6s battery with our 10s ESCs. It will work for a little while but soon the ESC will think the fully charged 6s battery is actually an almost dead 10s battery. The voltages just aren't right. So double check the compatibility of your parts.  


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