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Interstellar Electric Skateboard Kit

Battery Option
Wheel Option



Kit Version: V1.3
(Please see version history below)

Board Specs
Range: 30 Miles / 48km (Confirmed with real world testing)
Top Speed:
30mph / 48km (Or faster with the right gearing ratio)



Upgrade Ready
Everything about this Electric Skateboard Kit allows the rider to upgrade nearly any part. We've designed this kit using Community Standards so finding compatible parts is a breeze. Featuring a massive battery and ESC enclosure, it won't be difficult fitting an upgraded battery pack in the future. Easily swap your motors, your battery, your ESC and use nearly any Esk8 brand. You aren't locked into any kind of proprietary branded ecosystem.

Programming Options

Select "Program Myself" If you'd like to configure the VESC Based ESC yourself using the free Vesc Tool Software.

Select "Program For Me" If you'd like us to configure the VESC Based ESC for you to create a "Plug and Play" build experience. 



Complete Parts List

39” Interstellar Deck
MBoards Fixed Mount Truck + Front Truck
(2) 38T Wheel Pulleys
(2) 15T Motor Pulleys
(2) 265mm Belts
(2) 6355 190KV Motors
Gear Covers
97mm Wheels
Abec 7 Bearings
XL Enclosure
Enclosure Grommets
Gap Cover
Enclosure Hardware Set
Adhesive Pads
10s4p Complete Battery Solution
Dual Vesc 6
VX1 Remote
Voltage Monitor Wire
Grip Tape
1.5” Deck Hardware
1/2” Riser Pads
Nose Guards

Range and Speed Testing:

Range and Speed ratings have been determined with real world testing. This means that MBoards employees have been able to achieve these numbers. Top speed and Range do depend on a number of factors like rider weight, road quality, ambient temperature, and how fast or slow you ride your board.  

Our top speed and range tests were completed using the stock 10s4p battery, 15T Motor Pulley, 38T Wheel Pulley, 97mm Wheels, and 6355 190KV Motors. 

Version History

Now ships with a FocBox Unity.

Due to the global chip shortages, the Focbox Unity is temporary unavailable. A Vesc 6 of equal quality will be included for now. 

Reinforced Motor Mounts now included with the Kit.