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Kit Builder

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Finally, a simple and intuitive way to choose DIY Electric Skateboard Parts.

Start with the type of motors you plan to go with and then follow the prompts. As you follow the steps and choose the parts you are interested in, the subsequent questions will adapt to the answers you gave in the previous prompts.

This allows for guaranteed part compatibility. As long as you complete each step you will definitely end up with a complete board worth of parts that all go together the first time. Eliminate the second guessing and the chance of incompatible motors, ESCs, and batteries. 

Be sure to reference the stand alone product listings for full list of specs and sizes. 



Enclosures: Due to the customizability and multi-use nature of enclosures, it is possible to select products that don't quite fit into the enclosures you select. Just double check the dimensions of each of the products you plan on getting and reference the dimensions of the enclosures. 

ESCs: When selecting your ESC, please select the ESC that corresponds to the number of motors you have. If you are using a single motor you will want to select the Single ESC or a Single Vesc. If you are using dual motors or a Hub Motor set, you'll want to select a dual ESC or a pair of VESCs. If you plan on using a 6374 motor, we recommend using a Vesc over a basic ESC, the basic ESCs are technically compatible but isn't the most optimal set up and can lead to a shorter ESC lifespan. 

Trucks: If selecting Dual 6355/74 Motors, you will want to select the MBoards Extended Trucks OR the new Fixed Mount Trucks to allow enough room to fit both motors side by side. 

The MBoards Fixed Mount Trucks are technically designed for Dual Motor Set Ups but will work with Single Motor Set Ups. When building, adding the 2nd motor mount will not be necessary. 

Motor mounts are included with the Fixed Mount Trucks, so a motor mount option will not be displayed to you. 

Availability: Due to the millions of combinations that are available it is up to you to check the description of each individual product and verify availability. 



Want a stress free, solder-less building experience? Select the "Solder the connections for me" option. We'll personally hand inspect each part and verify that everything fits together. (Keep in mind that the only products that need connections soldered on, are the Vesc based ESCs, Anti-Spark Power Button, and the Battery Percentage Indicator). If your kit doesn't include any of those parts, you have nothing to worry about, everything will already fit together effortlessly.