DIY Electric Penny Board

Most electric skateboards a fairly big and pretty heavy, they all don't have to be that way. In this tutorial I show my take on a small but mighty electric skateboard. One of the easiest builds to pull off. 

Power Switch & Battery Percentage Indicator

Power buttons and Battery Percentage Indicators are very nice to have but not the most straight forward to install. This video breaks it down for you. A little bit of time and money you can add that extra touch to any build. 

Custom Electric Skateboard Batteries

One of the best parts of building your own electric skateboard is being able to design everything just the way you want. In this tutorial I go through how to customize even a battery pack. A very dense tutorial but should be helpful to those who are interested. 

Simple Single Motor Electric Skateboard

During the 1st video I talked about why I wanted to build an electric skateboard, in this video I show you how I did it and my thought process behind the parts I chose. 

Many of the parts I used originally are now discontinued. I have included similar parts that will work just like the original ones I used in this video.