MBoards Affiliate Program Application


Yes, I am a current Customer
Hope to be soon
I want to be paid 3% commission via PayPal
I want to be paid 5% commission via MBoards Gift Card
I Agree

Affiliate Program Details

General Information
- Affiliates may choose to be paid via PayPal at 3% commission or via MBoards gift card at 55 commission. 
- The affiliate program is designed to reward our loyal followers and customers for recommending our products. Refer a friend, get paid. Super simple.

Affiliate Program Rules
-Affiliates may not use the affiliate links or codes for personal purchases. 
- Affiliates may not post affiliate links or codes on any MBoards affiliated social platforms. (MBoards Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. Mike Beard's YouTube Channel.)
- MBoards has the right to reject any applications and close any accounts at anytime.

More Information will be provided upon application approval.