Complete 36T Abec Pulley System

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An Essential part of building an electric skateboard. This pulley system connects your motor to your wheel using 2 pulleys. With a fully metal design, durability is a given. Works perfectly with all Abec style wheels: 83mm Flywheels, 100mm All Terrain wheels. With a little more effort can be made to fit nearly any wheel set.


  • Fits all ABEC style wheels perfectly. No wheel modification necessary. 
  • 16T Motor Pulley with 8mm bore for motor shaft and Four Set Screws.
  • Retainer Washer for added support.
  • Full Metal design.
  • Simple and Easy Installation

What's in the Box?

  • 36T Wheel Hub
  • 16T Motor Pulley
  • 2 Motor Pulley Set Screws
  • Retainer Washer
  • 6 M6 Bolts
  • HTD 5M 15mm Wide Belt