Dual 90mm Hub Motor Kit

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Why Hub Motors? While they aren't as powerful as the belt driven systems, they are still a really great option. You still get that great top speed most people are looking for and a really quiet set up. Another benefit of this kit is the cost. For a dual motor belt driven set up you'd have to buy 2 Motor Mounts ($60/ea), 2 Motors ($85/ea), 2 Pulley Systems ($40/ea), A set of trucks($35), and a set of wheels ($25). Save a whole lot of money and time and try out the Hub motors. Zero bolts to tighten, zero belts to tighten, just attach them to your deck like you would any other trucks and you are ready to go. Super Simple. 

One of the most affordable dual motor options.

Hub Motor Size: 90x52mm 
KV: 75
Max Power: 500W/Motor - 1000W Combined
Wheels: 78a Longboard Wheels

What's in the Box?

- 2 Trucks
- 2 90mm Regular Wheels
- 2 90mm Hub Motors