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Endurance Carbon Fiber 12s8p Deck

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Heat Sink


The first 2-in-1 style carbon fiber 12s8p compatible deck. 

What's Included?
- (1) Endurance Deck
- (1) Lid w/ Applied Grip Tape
- (1) Lid Gasket
- (14) Lid Hardware
- (1) Heatsink
- (12) Heatsink hardware
- (1) Thermal Pad
-(2) Phase Wire Grommets


Material: Forged Carbon Fiber
Usable Enclosure Dimensions:
Refer to Drawings in Product Photos
Length: 39.8in
Width: 9.8in
Wheel Base (With DKPs): 39in
Max Load: Tested at 260lbs
Empty Deck Weight: 5lbs

A Few Notes:

We designed this deck specifically for hardware that we planned on using in our complete Endurance board, while it is still very DIY friendly, there are a few things to consider before purchasing.

In efforts to preserve as much ground clearance as possible the enclosure cavity is just as deep as we needed it to be. The enclosure is 43mm deep, this means that all series connections must be added to the sides of the pack rather than on top. 

Our stock battery packs utilize nickel and series connections that all run down the sides of the pack. 

If your battery pack is assembled on a PCB, you shouldn't have any issues getting your battery pack to fit. 

The recommended battery orientation for this deck is an offset double stack battery pack assembled on a PCB or a stock Endurance battery pack.  

If you have any questions about usable battery packs, please let us know.