Single Belt Drive 5055 Motor Kit

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Building a budget board? Want a belt driven motor? This might be the perfect option. This version is the Single Motor Kit, if you want a dual motor set up, please look at the Dual Motor Version. 
Everything is plug and play, very easy installation. 
Note, there are other angles of our dual motor option, please remember that this is the single motor version. 
What's in the Box? (PreAssembled)
  • (1) N5055 Motor Mounted (Black, 270KV, 1400W)
  • (1) Bolt On Motor Mount (Black)
  • (2) 7.25'' Truck (Black)
  • (1) 36T Drive Wheel Pulley (HTD5)  13mm width
  • (1) 12T Motor Pulley (HTD5)  13mm width
  • (1) 250-5M High Torque Timing Belt (HTD5)  12mm width
  • (4pcs) 83mm*52mm 78a Longboard Wheels