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MBoards X Reacher 6485 Motor

Original price $225.00
Current price $199.99
KV Ratings

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The MBoards X Reacher Motors are our most durable, powerful, and efficient motors yet. Reacher motors are renowned as the best of the best when it comes to Esk8 Motors. These will be the only motors you'll ever need! 


- High Temp Curved Magnets
- Cooling Mesh for improved Air intake
- Battle Hardened Magnets
Balanced for high RPM
- Upgraded Bearings: NMB Brand, Quad Bearing Design

Motor KV:
Size: 6485
Power: 7000W
Max Current: Recommended 120a, Max 180a
Connectors: 4mm Bullet
Shaft Diameter: 8mm Round w/ Keyway
Shaft Length: 30mm
Keyway Size: 3mm * 19mm
Pole Pairs: 7 (14 total poles)
Weight: 40oz / 1133g
Cable Length: 14in / 355mm
Mounting Pattern: Standard 44mm and 30mm Mounting Holes