Shipping Policy

The basic policy.

Once you order a product, given that we have the product in stock, we typically take 1-2 business days to handle and process your order. As our company grows we will be shipping more and more orders out same/next business day. 

While you might pay for faster shipping, the products won't necessarily arrive in 1 or 2 days. We do need about a day to process the order and then ship out. But once we have your order package and ready to go it will be shipped with the mail service you have selected.

We do require a 1-2 week lead time on batteries, while they are built to order. We need to take the extra time to ensure that the battery we do deliver has been properly tested and is safe to use. Any order containing a battery of any kind will be delayed about a week. Better safe than sorry. 

Please check our Shipping Timeline down below. 


Same or Next Business day shipping is the goal. As a new company, we are making moves everyday to bring us closer and closer to that goal. Very close to reaching it. We are at the final push to create a full stock of all of our products. 


The Plan

Our Shipping Goal Timeline. 

In the beginning the goal was simple. We wanted to add as many of the most popular items used in the ESK8 community to our site. We held a small amount of stock purchased with up front, out of pocket funds. Shortening the wait time on our smaller items by importing the goods for our customers was the idea. The main problem that we ran into was that our stock would deplete too quickly and had to wait for cash flow to order more. This caused lengthy wait times, but a necessary step to build the business and save up some money to improve the business. Luckily we were able to complete and move one from Phase One relatively quickly.     

Once more funds were raised it has now been all about getting wait times down. We still are farther behind on some order due to adding even more products and needing to stock more and more. We are now have the capital to order larger quantities of products all at once to improve shipping times. During phase two we have stock constantly coming in but still coming in after an order has already been placed. We have been successful at getting ahead of the orders and waiting for orders to come in with stock at the ready on some cheaper products. This has been difficult with some of are bigger ticket items. Many of our items do ship same or next business day but not all of our items ship immediately at this point.     

Phase Three is where everything gets exciting. After several months of building capital we are finally pushing toward a compete stock. We are ordering extra of everything. We are spending the extra money to get ahead of orders and are able to front the money to create the quickest ship times possible. By the end of June we will be at a complete stock and orders will be shipping immediately with out any delays. So if you are waiting for an order please know that we receive products every single day. We are doing our very best to reach this goal as fast as possible. Thank you guys for the support. We will update everyone on our progress very soon.