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Interstellar Electric Skateboard 2.0
  • Assembled In USA

    Assembled and Supported in the USA!

  • Industry Leading Support

    Support & Service you can rely on! 

What's In The Box?

  • What's In The Box?
  • Interstellar Electric Skateboard
  • 5A Fast Charger
  • VX4 Remote + USB
  • Skate Tool
  • Accessory Bag
  • Spare Screw Set


Board Specs:

Build Version: V2.1

Top Speed: 30+mph

Range: Range depends on rider size, riding style, and terrain type. See Below :) 

Our rider weighing 185lbs, has been able to achieve 35+ miles (55+ km) on 97mm Street Wheels, riding moderately with minimal elevation change. 25+ miles (40+ km) with AT Tires. 

Deck Dimensions: 39.75in*10.25in (1010mm*260mm)

Wheel Base: 34in (86.3cm)

Total Board Weight: 30lbs (13kg)

Max Load: 300lbs (136kg)

The Interstellar Features A Top Notch Parts List:

- 7 ply Canadian Maple + Fiber Glass Deck
- 725Wh 12s4p Molicel P42A Battery Pack
- 100A x2 | MakerX D4s
- Dual 3250W 6368 190kv Motors
- BoardBumpers Wheel Pulleys
- VX4 Remote
- Precision CNC Adjustable Angle RKP NexUs Trucks + THICK Anti-sink plates 
- RipTide Bushings + Pivot Cups
- Laser Cut Jessup Grip Tape

Full Specs:

Deck Material: 7ply Canadian Maple + 3 Ply Fiber Glass
Deck Length: 39.5in (100cm)
Wheel Base: 34in (86.3cm)
Trucks: 15in CNC NexUS RKP Trucks
Motors: Dual 3250W 6368 190kv Motors or 7000w 6485 173kv MBoards X Radium Motors
Motor Controller: 100a VESC Tool Compatible ESC
Battery: 50.4v | 725Wh | 16.8Ah | Molicel P42A
Charger: 5a Charger | 3.5-4hr Charge Time (4A charger with 14S)
Remote: VX4 Remote w/ Live Telemetry
Weight: 30lbs (13.6kg)
Range: Up To 40 miles (64km)
Top Speed: 32+mph (56km)
Max Load: 300lbs (136kg)

97mm Street Wheels
- 15T/36T - 33mph
105mm Street Wheels - 15/36T - 35mph
150mm AT Wheels - 15T/58T - 32mph



Assembled and Supported in the USA! 
No more waiting weeks to get a board, no more pulling teeth to get a reply from over seas. Every Interstellar Electric Skateboard is assembled and supported right here in the US. Have a question? Get a response. Need a replacement part? Get it shipped out same/next day. Need to get your board serviced? Get it repaired quickly!

Future Proof
The Interstellar is designed with DIYers in mind. Every Interstellar is built with standardized connectors, compatible with wheel pulleys from other companies, and is based around an open source VESC based ESC. 


Upgrade Ready
The Interstellar's design facilitates effortless upgrades for virtually any component. Engineered with adherence to community standards, sourcing compatible parts is straightforward. The integrated battery and ESC enclosure ensures a seamless fit for future upgraded battery packs. Enjoy the flexibility to interchange motors, batteries, and ESCs, accommodating a wide array of Esk8 brands without being confined to a proprietary ecosystem.

Board Performance
The MakerX D4s has been tuned to peak performance to match the design of the Interstellar. Although the MakerX D4s is highly tunable, any changes to the current settings may void the ESC's warranty so please contact us prior to any setting changes as we can help you through the process to ensure safe operation. 

Water Resistance
While we include gaskets in our board shipments and take measures to seal potential points of entry, it's important to note that we do not have an official water resistance rating. We strongly advise keeping your board dry to maintain optimal performance and longevity.

Every board is backed by a 100-day warranty covering manufacturing defects. In the event of an issue, we gladly provide replacement items and offer the option for you to ship or bring in your board for necessary repairs. Your satisfaction and the functionality of your board are our priorities.

Free Tune Ups
Ship or bring in your board to us anytime and we'll give you a free check up and ensure your board is operating as intended. 

What's In The Box?
- Interstellar Electric Skateboard
- 5A Fast Charger
- VX4 Remote + USB
- Skate Tool
- Accessory Bag
- Spare Screw Set


Build Version History:

Version V2.1 (03.15.24)
Version 2.1 now ships with NOVA Tires instead of Sunmate Tires.

Version V2.0 (11.24.23)
Version 2.0 features an entirely new set of parts, features, specs, and performance compared to the original Interstellar released in 2021. 

Base (12s4p Battery + Standard 6368 Motors)Plus (14s4p Battery + MBoards X Radium 6384 Motors)
97mm MBoards Wheels105mm V2 Mad Wheels105mm Dadbods - Orange 80a105mm Dadbods - Blue 77a150mm NOVA Tires
Base (12s4p Battery + Standard 6368 Motors)Plus (14s4p Battery + MBoards X Radium 6384 Motors)
97mm MBoards Wheels105mm V2 Mad Wheels105mm Dadbods - Orange 80a105mm Dadbods - Blue 77a150mm NOVA Tires
  • Specifications
  • Range + Speed
  • Drivetrain



39.5in*10in | 7 ply Canadian Maple + Fiber Glass Deck

Interstellar 2.0          /   Interstellar 2.0+


3500W 6368 190kv  /  7000W 6485 173kv Motors


725Wh 12s4p P42A  /  846Wh 14s4p P42A
Speed Controller

100A x2 MakerX ESC  /  200a x2 MakerX ESC

VX4 with Live Telemetry
15in CNC Nexus Trucks

Range + Speed

Interstellar 2.0

25+ Miles on AT Tires, 40+ Miles on Street Wheels
Top Speed
32+mph (Can be geared for 45+mph)

Interstellar 2.0+

28+ Miles on AT Tires, 45+ Miles on Street Wheels
Top Speed
35+mph (Can be geared for 45+mph)


Precision CNC 15inRKP Nexus Trucks
Adjustable Angle Base Plate
Adjust your base plates to 33deg, 44deg, and 55deg for a more stability or for better turning. 
Adjustable Motor Mounts
Adjust the angle of your motor mounts to customize your motor's ride height. Locked in with the MBoards PinTek technology.
Premium Bushings
We only use the best RipTide bushings and pivot cups on the market. 
Insane Power
3500W 6368 MBoards Motors  /  7000W 6485 Radium Motors
USA Assembled
Assembled and Supported
In Las Vegas, NV - USA.
Top Tier components for an
unbelievable ride. 
Industry leading support &
customer service.

Interstellar 2.0

 1. P42A Battery Pack
The gold standard when it comes to Li-Ion cells in Esk8
2. Precision CNC Trucks
CNC RKP Trucks featuring adjustable base plates and premium bushings. 
3. Insane Power
3500W 6368 Motors, great torque and smooth operation. 
4. 100A ESC
Tons of torque thanks to 100A of ESC power.