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Certified Pre-Owned | Onsra Velar

Original price $2,690.00
Current price $1,899.99

MBoards Certified Pre-Owned Board

Brand: Onsra
Model: Velar Belt Drive

Certified Inspection Score: 94.16%
Full 100pt Inspection Report: 
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Every Certified Pre-Owned Board undergoes a thorough 100pt inspection. Know exactly what you are getting, trust you are getting a fair value. 



Notable Details:

  • 208 Miles on Odometer
  • WIDE CNC Trucks
  • 14s4p 50S Battery Pack


What's in the box?

  • Onsra Velar Electric Skateboard
  • Board Charger
  • Remote
  • Remote Charger


Battery Health: 95%
OEM Rated Top Speed: 43mph
OEM Rated Range: 40 Miles (*95% = 38  Miles)

Transparent Pricing:

  $2690.00 (Current MSRP)
  $2532.90(Inspection Score Adjustment)
 $2532.90  (Fair Market Value)
-$632.91  (MBoards Certified Pre-Owned Discount)

 $1899.99    (Total)


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***All boards are inspected, test ridden, and cleaned prior to being listed in the Pre-Owned section. Pre-Owned boards do not carry a MBoards warranty***