Dual Belt Driven Motor ESC

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2 Motors typically means 2 ESCs, which can increase the price of a build substantially. Not with this one, this ESC is equipped to handle 2 motors at once. This ESC also comes with a multifunctional Remote Control already paired.

Typically 2 ESCs and a Remote control could cost nearly $260.

Remote Controller Included :)


- This ESC Kit comes with REMOTE paired to ESC.
- Safe, This ESC disable the acceleration and only the brake works whenever the battery (of remote or of board) is critically low.
- This ESC is for dual motor.
- Smart turn on,  no need for a power button. The ESC turns on automatically when motor moves. Turns off automatically after 1 minute of inactivity. 
- High quality electronics, durable and reliable.


- Voltage: 10S 36V, This ESC is specifically calibrated for 10s batteries 
- Calibrated for Belt Driven
- Current: Up to 120A for a few seconds or 50A continuous
- Regenerative Braking
- Sensored or Sensorless operation
- Great start-up torque with sensorless motors

What's in the Box?

- ESC for Dual Belt Driven Motors Speed Control
- 2.4G Remote Controller