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Flowstate - Fishbone


Another amazing offering, introducing the Fishbone – a meticulously crafted board designed for exceptional performance and style.

Built from premium Canadian Maple, the Fishbone's 8-ply deck offers outstanding durability and strength. The addition of a central carbon fiber layer enhances stability and security while maintaining the perfect balance of flex, feedback, and control.

This FISHBONE deck has been developed and rigorously test in all terrains and riding conditions. the highest quality materials we have sourced and used keeps the board within flex tolerance for the life of the board.

The carefully designed concave not only enhances control but also minimizes foot fatigue, providing a comfortable riding experience.

Each Fishbone board is handcrafted in Melbourne, Australia, by dedicated craftsmen who bring a blend of innovative design to create a skateboard that reflects both artistry and functionality.

Available as a Deck/Enclosure only or add a battery & motor controller for a more complete system! The enclosure is designed to accompany a 12S8P segmented battery. If you're needing a bit more punch, upgrade to the 16S5P, or 18S5P battery!

**Each deck has a unique bottom to go with the eye popping top colors. If you see one you like, don’t hesitate, we only have one deck in each color! 

Board measurements as follows:

930mm length X 270 width