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MBS F5 Heel Straps - (Pair)

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Take your mountainboarding to the next level with MBS' new indestructible F5 Heel Straps. Light, comfortable, secure, and now more adjustable than ever before with the addition of a full ratchet buckle on each strap. We've increased the cross section of the main straps and added a layer comfortable dual-density memory foam for degree of luxury your heels will soon become accustomed to. MBS' new cam buckles are easier to release than ever before so you can now take your heel straps on and off with easy, every other day, run, or even trick. Note: boards with MBS F1 bindings must be upgraded to F2, F3, F4, or F5 bindings to be compatible with MBS F5 Heel Straps.

1 Pair

Includes Hardware (See pic)