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Premium Motor Mount

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When it comes to motor mounts, this one is by far a fan favorite. This Enertion Style Motor Mount Features a 2 part Clamp that is super solid. Because this motor mount is a 2-Piece system instead of a 1-Piece, builders are able to tighten this mount around trucks perfectly with out any play. 

Very easy to install, Premium and low profile look and design, strong Aluminum build. 

Mounts the motors underneath the board, not reversible. 

Compatibility: Caliber II Trucks

What's in the Box?

(1) Mount Plate
(1) C-Clamp
(1) K-Clamp
(2) M5x20 Bolts
(2) M5 Lock Washers
(3) Carriage Bolts
(3) Nylon Nuts
(4) M4x10 Bolts