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Premium Motor Mount

Original price $45.00
Current price $34.99

When it comes to motor mounts, this one is by far a fan favorite. This Enertion Style Motor Mount Features a 2 part Clamp that is super solid. Because this motor mount is a 2-Piece system instead of a 1-Piece, builders are able to tighten this mount around trucks perfectly with out any play. 

Very easy to install, Premium and low profile look and design, strong Aluminum build. 

Compatibility: Caliber II Trucks

What's in the Box?

(1) Mount Plate
(1) C-Clamp
(1) K-Clamp
(2) M5x20 Bolts
(2) M5 Lock Washers
(3) Carriage Bolts
(3) Nylon Nuts
(4) M4x10 Bolts