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Evolve GT/GTX Bamboo



The GECKODERM protective skin is a fully impacted and scratch-resistant wrap to make sure your board is kept in pristine condition. With self-healing technology, the GECKODERM protective skin protects against rocks, gravel, dirt, and water. The hydrophobic properties make wiping your board down a breeze! Not to mention, your board will take on a beautiful, glossy "like-new" sheen.

Important Details: 
-Precision cut to fit your board exactly (No cutting needed). 
-Easy to apply with the included instructions. Wet-adhesive is super-strong (Can be removed if necessary).  
-The hyper-clear film is nearly invisible, making your board stand out naturally without changing the original graphics of the board.  
-Hydrophobic and self-healing film (Repels dirt & water; small scratches will heal together in the sun. 

Made and sourced in the USA. 

Confidence Guarantee: If you have any concerns about your deck skin or are not stoked about it, let us know and we will take care of it! 🤙🏼