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ZFG X MBoards - Lucky Electric Skateboard

Hub Choice

Introducing the new ZFG - Lucky Complete. Deck designed and built in Melbourne Australia as part of a joint collaboration between Flowstate Skateboards and ZFG ESK8. 

After spending many years riding and enjoying the various types of mountain boards from different manufacturers, ZFG set the goal to come up with something truly unique. Not only in looks but also in weight and flex. Lucky represents the end result of ZFG's passion to create something a little different in an otherwise crowded space. 

Lucky is now available as a complete and comes delivered using all the latest components from our supply partners - MBoards, Maker X, and MBS Mountainboards. To learn more please take some time to review the complete build walkthrough.

Build Specs

  • 12S6P Molicel P42A Pack top mounted w/ Pelican 1200 case
  • MakerX DV6S (w/ bluetooth)
  • Dual 6485 Reacher X Mboards 173KV motors
  • MBoards Matrix III mounts
  • MBS Matrix III 420mm trucks
  • MBS Hubs (Fivestar, Rockstar II, Rockstar II XL available)
  • MBS 8" T1 tire/tube
  • MBS Bindings
  • VX4 Remote
  • 4.5:1 gear ratio
  • 5a charger included

Deck Specifics: 

  • My Flex
  • 8 Layers Canadian Maple
  • 1 Layer Carbon Fibre 
  • Weight - 2.6KG
  • Length - 98mm
  • Waist - 22mm
  • Shoulder - 28mm


  • ~30 mile range (rider and terrain dependent)
  • Top speed - 33mph


Assembled and Supported in the USA! 
No more waiting weeks to get a board, no more pulling teeth to get a reply from over seas. Every MBoards X ZFG Lucky Electric Skateboard is assembled and supported right here in the US. Have a question? Get a response. Need a replacement part? Get it shipped out same/next day. Need to get your board serviced? Get it repaired quickly!

Future Proof
The ZFG Lucky is designed with DIYers in mind. Every board is built with standardized connectors, compatible with motor mounts and wheel pulleys from other companies, and is based around an open source VESC based ESC. 

Upgrade Ready
The design of the ZFG Lucky allows the rider to easily upgrade nearly any part. We've designed this board using community standards so finding compatible parts is a breeze. Featuring a top mounted battery and ESC enclosure, it won't be difficult fitting an upgraded battery pack in the future. Easily swap your motors, your battery, your ESC and use nearly any Esk8 brand. You aren't locked into any kind of proprietary branded ecosystem.

Board Performance
The MakerX DV6S Pro has been tuned to peak performance to match the design of the ZFG Lucky. Although the MakerX DV6 Pro is highly tunable, any changes to the current settings may void the ESC's warranty so please contact us prior to any setting changes as we can help you through the process to ensure safe operation. 

Water Resistance
Though we do ship our boards with gaskets and make every effort to seal up areas of ingress, we do not have an official water resistance rating. Please keep your board dry. 

All boards come with a 100 day warranty against manufacturing defects. If something happens to your board, we'd be happy to ship you replacement items. You are also welcome to ship/bring your board in and we will perform the needed repair. 

Free Tune Ups
Ship or bring in your board to us anytime and we'll give you a free check up and ensure your board is operating as intended. 

What's In The Box?
- ZFG Lucky Electric Skateboard
- 5A Charger
- VX4 Remote
- VX4 Remote Charger
- Accessory Bag