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Miscellaneous adapters to help you get incompatible parts to work together.
  • $4.99

    Male XT90 to Female XT60 Adapter

    Sold Individually.  Use this adapter to convert your Battery's XT90 connector to match your ESC's XT60 connector. 

  • $3.99

    XT90e-m Panel Mount Kit

    Panel Mountable XT90 for battery box builds. Included:(1) XT90e-m(1) Female XT90(1) End Cap(2) M4 Screws(2) M4 Nylon Nuts *Slightly oversized hardw...

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  • $8.99

    Female to Female XT90 Extension Cable

    Use this cable to connect your external battery box to your ESC.  Length: 17.5in (44.5cm)Wire: 10awg