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105mm MAD Wheelz V2



The MAD Wheelz V2 is the next evolution of the V1. Slightly wider with a redesigned profile create a 10mm wider contact patch. Thirteen suspension holes instead of the twelve make the ride slightly softer and smoother. All the changes translate into more grip and stability making the V2 the best urethane wheel for electric skateboards on the market! 

The MAD 105 Wheelz feature Hollow Pour Technology, a custom urethane pouring process that is designed to form thirteen hollow pockets on the inside surface of each wheel.

These pockets give extra space for the soft urethane to flex and compress with the contours and bumps in the road, making the ride exceptionally smooth and allowing the wheels to maintain contact even on the roughest of roads.

105mm X 70mm
72a Durometer

Weight: 450g (Per Wheel)


NOT compatible with Onsra Kegel pulleys.