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Interstellar 2.0 Complete Screw Kit


This kit contains every screw that is used in the Interstellar 2.0 Electric Skateboard. 
*AT Hub Hardware + Motor Pulley Set Screw Not Included*


Mount Trucks To Deck:
(8) M5x35 Button Head
(8) M5 Washers
(8) M5 Nuts

Motors + Gear Cover
(12) M4x10 Socket Head

(14) M5x30 Countersink Head
(14) M5 Nuts
(14) M5 Washers

(4) M4x12 Countersink Head
(4) M4 Nuts
(4) M3x12 Socket Head

Mount Motor Mount To Trucks
(6) M5x20 Button Head
(6) M5 Nuts

Base Plate Angle Adjustment
(4) M6x40 Socket Head
(4) M6 Nuts

Truck Hardware
(6) Axle/King Pin Nuts
(2) Kingpins