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KYND BOARD - Khymera


We've teamed up with Kynd Boards to offer their unique hand-crafted decks! These are the same styles produced by the legendary West Coast Standards, Offered in 3 different varieties: the Vilas, Khymera, and Vizzini.

Constructed from 9-ply American Maple, these decks are solid! Each deck is meticulously shaped, sanded, and painted by hand giving each deck character, knowing no two decks will ever be the same! (Rest assured, important measurements like enclosure holes and baseplate holes remain consistent)

The Khymera is designed to be an All Terrain beast. 20° nose & 28° tail, perfect for MBS style Channel Trucks (or reverse it if you're feeling funky). The center rib provides additional strength without impeding your stance. There's plenty of room to adjust with it's wide 11.5" base and massive 29" footbed. Capable of fitting a massive battery, or using your current setup to create your DIY dream machine!

The enclosures are made of Kydex & are more than strong enough to handle the daily abuse of the roads! 

*Hardware included if purchased with an enclosure. 

If your order contains a battery, you will also get:

5a Charger, BMS, Charge Port

Additional battery options (14S, 16S, 18S) & custom complete builds are available, please reach out for individual inquiries!