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Mountain Bike Frame Protection


How much do you love your bike? A lot we hope. Think of all the mountains it has carried you up and the close-calls it has saved you from. Your bike deserves to be protected. With GECKODERM you can trust that your bike will have the best. 

Made from military-grade self-adhesive film, GECKODERM will become a 'second-skin' to your bike-- so it can take the hits rather than your bike. 

Whether you are looking to increase the resale value of a new mountain bike, protect against hard hits, or simply want to give an older bike "new life" with a glossy sheen, your bike deserved to be protected with GECKODERM.

Easy to apply yourself. Comes with applicator squeegee and installation instructions. Simple application in under 30 minutes. 

Ships within 2-3 days. Order today!