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NexUS 15in CNC RKP Trucks


🇺🇸 Made in the USA 


MBoards is proud to Introduce the MBoards NexUS Trucks! Why is the "US" in Caps? Because they are precision machined here in-house in the USA! 

Precision CNCed
Premium Materials, Premium Process, Premium Trucks. The NexUS Trucks are machined in-house from solid 6061 billet and held to strict tolerances as little as .001in. 

These trucks are a WIDE 15in, moving the distance between wheels toward the outside of the deck helping you feel more locked in during deep carving. 

Adjustable Split Angle
With a single allen key, The NexUS Trucks feature 3 pre-set base plate angle positions: 33º, 44º, and 55º. Run higher angles for deeper carves, run a lower angle for higher stability. Run a split angle to get the best of both worlds.

MBoards PinTek Mounts
Introducing PinTek, a simple, yet effective way to prevent trucks from rotating if screws get loose. Providing 33 positions of adjustability, PinTek allows for precise motor mount angle for any build. 

RAW Beauty
Capturing the natural beauty of 6061 Aluminum, these trucks come completely Raw. We use high speed carbide inserts to give each part a polished appearance.

10mm Hardened Stainless Steel Axles
The Nexus Trucks come with 10mm diameter hardened stainless steel axles for increased strength.

Premium Bushings
The Nexus Trucks come standard with RipTide bushings and Pivot cups to elevate the ride experience even more.

Why are these so cheap? Other CNC trucks are $500+
The NexUS Trucks are made with the same great materials as other CNC trucks on the market, how are we able to offer these at such a low price? Here at MBoards, we have heavily invested in bringing these traditionally expensive processes in-house to complete the same job at a fraction of the cost. We then pass those savings on to you.




Truck Specs:

Hanger + Base Plate Material: 6061 Aluminum
Axle Material: 17-4 Hardened Stainless Steel
PinTek Material: Stainless Steel
Hanger Width: 9in (Pre-Axles + Spacers), 15in Total Width
Base Plate Angles: 
33º, 44º, 55º
Axle Diameter: 10mm
Axle Length: 2.55in
Axle Threading: 3/8-24
KingPin: Super Strong Grade 8 3/8-24 Bolt
Motor Mount Thickness: 8mm
Motor Mount Angles: 360º of adjustability, 33 positions
Bushings + Pivot Cups: Premium RipTide
Approximate Weight: 3.5lbs


What's Included:

(2) Hangers
(2) Base Plate Arms
(2) Base Plates
(2) Front Axles
(2) Rear Axles
(2) PinTek Mount Collars
(2) Motor Mounts
(4) RipTide Bushings + Bushing Washers
(2) RipTide Pivot Cups
(8) M4x10
(6) M5x20
(6) M5 Nuts
(4) M6x40
(4) M6 Nuts
(6) 3/8-24 Nuts
(2) Grade 8 King Pins
(2) 11mm Spacers
(2) 33mm Spacers
(2) TPU Gear Covers
(1) Extra Bag + Washer Spacer Kit