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Nova Tire | 6in/150mm - Single


This listing is for a SINGLE tire, NO TUBE. Click HERE for a full set of 4.

Introducing the MBoards Nova Tires! The GRIPPIEST ESK8 Tires On the Market! 

Introducing the tire that's got an unprecedented grip, like your grandma holding onto her secret cookie recipe. Our formula is so top-notch, it's practically the Shakespeare of tire concoctions. And guess what? They're made with all-natural rubber – yes, you can actually smell the eco-friendliness wafting through the air. We've got Mother Nature nodding in approval.

Listen up! These tires aren't just for show – you can hear them doing the asphalt tango. It's like a symphony of traction out there. And let's talk aesthetics – these babies look so badass; you might catch other tires giving them jealous side-eye. All-natural, baby! We basically grew these tires on trees, or at least that's what we tell people when they ask.

Now, about that tread life – it's so deep, it's contemplating the meaning of life. How long do they last? Well, we haven't figured it out yet. It's like trying to solve the mystery of how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop. The world may never know, but we're working on it. Stay tuned, and we'll keep you posted once we've put down enough miles and cracked the tire life Da Vinci code.

Let's get technical. Symmetrical cross-section for bangin' stability. We cut through the tire nonsense like a hot knife through butter – literally. We cut a bunch of tires in half, and the Novas are more consistent throughout the entire mold process than other tires on the market. Translation: better stability and less road vibration. It's like a spa day for your board, minus the cucumber eye patches.

Tire Weight:
Tire Diameter:
6in | 150mm
Tire Contact Patch:
Formula: Natural Rubber (Nova Tires grow on trees*)
Compatibility: Compatible with all 50mm wide hubs. (MBoards, Evolve, Meepo, Exway, Onsra, Propel, and MORE! If your hub can handle a 50mm tire, you can use these bad billies)

*okay we didn't REALLY grow them on trees, but you get it. Rubber trees are awesome.