Power Switch - On/Off Button

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NEW VERSION 2 Power Switch

The New V2 Power Switches can handle more than double the amps compared to the V1. The V2 also includes a large heat sink to dissipate heat and to keep the power switch healthy. 

Continuous Amps: 280A
Burst Amps: 800A
Voltage: 60V

It's just a power switch, Why $60?
Yes it is a power switch but there is more to it than just a little LED button. There's more under the hood. Most $5-$10 switches you find will be good for 2 things:
1. Good at high voltage applications.
2. Good at high amperage applications. 
BUT those switches can't do both. You'll see a sub-par rating for one of the categories. This switch on the other hand, has great specs in BOTH Categories. It handles a great amount of amps and volts, perfect for electric skateboard applications.