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Power Switch - On/Off Button

  NEW AntiSpark Power Switch The New V2 Power...


NEW AntiSpark Power Switch

The New V2 Power Switches can handle more than double the amps compared to the V1. The V2 also includes a large heat sink to dissipate heat and to keep the power switch healthy. 

Continuous Amps: 280A
Burst Amps: 800A
Voltage: 60V

It's just a power switch, Why $60?
Yes it is a power switch but there is more to it than just a little LED button. There's more under the hood. Most $5-$10 switches you find will be good for 2 things:
1. Good at high voltage applications.
2. Good at high amperage applications. 
BUT those switches can't do both. You'll see a sub-par rating for one of the categories. This switch on the other hand, has great specs in BOTH Categories. It handles a great amount of amps and volts, perfect for electric skateboard applications.  


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