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RipTide Double King Pin Bushing Kit

Original price $70.00
Current price $69.99

Upgraded bushings to bring your ride experience on our Double King Pin trucks to the next level. 


Durometer Explanation: 

93/96 Box (Very Tight) - This is typically for 200lb+ (91kg+) riders or for riders who prefer a stiffer setup with more stability and less carve.  

90/93 Box (Tight) - Riders around 150lb - 200lb (68kg - 91kg) will usually like this option and we recommend this the most. This setup has a more carve than the 93/96 box while keeping the stable feel that a tighter setup would have.


Included In The Box:

  • 9 Krank Bushings
  • 11 Washers
  • 4 WFB Pivot Cups
  • 1 Plastic Box (9 Slots)